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Jim Yeager

Jim Yeager

Instructional Technology Specialist
Two Rivers School District


Family role models played a significant role in Jim Yeager's decision to enter into an educational career: his uncle was a superintendent and his grandfather a teacher. After finishing his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from the University of Central Arkansas, his visions of going fishing at 3:30 after teaching school all day met with reality. Jim's over forty years in education have been accumulated in both public and private schools. His resume includes classroom teaching, coaching, counseling, and instructional technology.

Jim shares his philosophy of student-centered technology use by teaching seminars for school districts, coops, and the Hot Springs Technology Institute. He continues to look for ways to improve the integration of technology into the educational process while dealing the realities of time for training of teachers and budget restraints. Jim's expertise in the integration, implementation, and evaluation of technology-based educational programs is reflected in his review and selection of resources for TICAL.

Jimís wife Susan co-presents with him at most workshops and joins him on Geocaching adventures around Arkansas. He has two sons who share his passion for golf and baseball. Although, his golf game has not improved much with age, his knowledge and understanding of technology in education continues to expand.


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