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Cathey Wilcox

Cathey Wilcox

Fox Meadow Intermediate Center


As a middle school principal at Fox Meadow Intermediate Center in the Nettleton School District (Jonesboro), Cathey is an enthusiastic supporter of instructional technology as a powerful teaching tool. She would even go so far as to say adequate technology in the school setting is a requirement for building and engaging lifelong learners.

Before going into administration nine years ago, Cathey served for sixteen years as a secondary media specialist and technology trainer in the Nettleton District. During her years in education, she has seen effectively used technology help bridge the gap between academic, socio-economic, and racial sub-groups. Cathey has also seen technology totally engage reluctant learners.

Cathey believes so strongly in the use of educational technology in all schools. As a staff trainer, a district technology coordinator, and a contributor in the writing and receipt of multiple technology grants, including a recent EETT grant she is very proud of the opportunities she has had to help promote technology use in the school setting. Cathey says her service as a TICAL member has also provided many valuable opportunities to learn and share new technology knowledge with fellow educators.

When Cathey is not working, she enjoy reading, going camping, and spending time with family. Her family includes her husband, Jerry, one son, Matt, two daughters, Leslie and Ali, and four grandsons, Reese, Tate, and the twins, Whitt and Lane. Cathey is intensely interested in politics, and believe we all have an obligation to stay informed and involved in the political process. When she retires, her hope is to be even more active in helping to insure a wonderful future for our children and grandchildren.


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