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Steven Vaughn


Stephen Vaughn

Director of Digital Learning Innovation
San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools


Stephen Vaughn began as an elementary teacher in a small rural school district. He taught for ten years in grades 3-6, served as an assistant principal at a middle school, and as an elementary principal for 6 years.


In 1996, he was selected as the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for the Adelanto School District and served for two-year term. He was then appointed Superintendent, where he served for five years. In 2003, he became the Area Director for the Desert Mountain Region of the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, where he supervises the County run Special Education and Alternative Education Programs.


While at University California, Riverside, Stephen received his teacher's credential, and while at California State University, San Bernardino, he received his administrative credentials and a Master's in Administration. Steve was the teacher who opened the box for the first free "Apple in Every Classroom" Computer. He taught a technology magnet class for 3rd-6th grade students which integrated computer technology and video production. He served as the technology mentor for the Colton School District for 3 years and supplied the instructional technology staff development for the district. He helped write and implement the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Technology Use Plan.


As a principal, he developed and implemented site and district technology use plan and helped to design the district's network infrastructure. He has also been involved in the design of 4 new schools, including the network infrastructure and technology services. Stephen has had a hand in the design of the student information system in Adelanto School District. He currently teaches a credential class at Chapman University.


As a superintendent, he has used state and district level student data to drive decision about student programs which have resulted in positive changes in student academic progress. He has presented at a variety of conferences and locations, including CUE and San Bernardino County. Stephen's busy schedule as a superintendent affords him the opportunity to read a select number of journals, including his favorite, "Educational Leadership", and is his educational technology website of choice. Recently, he has developed Breeze Multimedia Presentations on Assistive Technology and using Tablet PCs.


To relax, Stephen runs and rides his mountain bike through the high desert.


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