Online Public Shaming and Education

Headshot of Susan Brooks-Young
Click image above to watch recording of the webinar.

Do you think of yourself as a good digital citizen? What about teachers or students in your school? With the increased use of social media and online communication, it has become increasingly easy to comment, criticize, or “take a stand” on any variety of topics in a multitude of online venues. But at what point does that comment or debate become shaming or ridicule of the opposing person? Join Susan Brooks-Young in this recorded webinar as she explores the growing online trend of online public shaming.  Susan will discuss how educators and students can deal with online public shaming as a target or potential victim, as well as how to avoid being a perpetrator. In addition, she will explore strategies you can use to help protect yourself, colleagues, students, and others. You will also receive a resource page with links to additional information you can use personally and share with others.

Susan’s resources on cyber vigilantism

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