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Wallie Shaw

Wallie Shaw

JAG Specialist and District Grant Writer
Lamar Public Schools


Wallie's current position is Director of Technology and Grant for Lamar Public Schools. His responsibilities include: planning, coordinating, and implementing all aspects of district technology and grant programs. His operational duties also include: network administrator, Webmaster, technology in-service facilitator, and computer assembly and repair. Additionally, Wallie teaches Computer Science at the high school and writes and administers technology grants for the district.


Wallie entered the field of education in 1992 after eleven years of active duty in the U.S. Army. This was at the encouragement of his spouse, who has taught first grade for twenty years. After earning a Masters Degree in Public School Administration, Wallie taught middle school mathematics for five years. He has been the Director of Technology and Grants for four years.


Wallie's first experience with computers was on active duty in the military in a variety of locations, including Vinceza, Italy. The assignment included a virtual war games center which provided his first exposure to computing in the military. This served to provide a foundation for his current interest with educational technology, the development of virtual reality scenarios for classroom instruction.


Wallie's major contribution in the area of educational technology is in the area of professional development. Through a technology challenge grant, Wallie acquired laptops for all teachers and administrators. He then provided ongoing professional development seminars and support for all teachers and administrators.


Other major accomplishments include attaining funding for district technology programs through a variety of grant resources. Additionally, Wallie planned, designed and installed a 4,000 square foot technology center.


Wallie's hobbies include swimming and snow skiing. His greatest resources are his wife and six children.


Wallie can be reached at


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