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George Nicholson


George Nicholson

George Nichoson's current role as program administrator with the Elk Grove Unified School District is to advocate for the use of technology in the classroom. He accomplishes this by managing the Technology Literacy Challenge Grant, conducting staff development for administrators and teachers in the use of technology and developing technology programs and plans for use within the school district. He has been in his current position for 14 years, having taught fifth and sixth grade for 11 years and mathematics in 7th and 8th grade.


His lovely wife, Barbara, also works for the Elk Grove District as a curriculum developer for grades K-3. George attended the Math/Science Institute in 1984 and had multiple computers in the classroom before it became a popular practice. He was encouraged by an innovative principal and went on to develop technology/curriculum integration programs for his students.


He was instrumental in writing the district's original technology plan and has facilitated the writing of the most current plan update. His strongest area of technology expertise is in the field of professional development. Over a ten-year period, he has created the training components and plan as well as delivered the staff development to hundreds of teachers and administrators throughout the Elk Grove Unified School District. George is currently the CapCUE Conference Chair and is responsible for coordinating training with a curriculum/technology integration emphasis in Region 3.


He has been well-received as a presenter at conferences such as CUE, CEDPA and CASH. He is currently a member of the Legislative Advocacy Committee for Computer Using Educators (CUE). Publications he would recomment to other administrators include Thrust, e-School News, Converge, and the CUE Newsletter. He also highly recommends Education Week as a valuable source of information.


Favorite technology resources that have been found useful are the Teachers.Net site and the e-School News listserv. George's favorite pasttimes include spending time with his four grandchildren; the newest barely a week old. He is an avid golfer and admits to a 14 handicap. He enjoys fishing for tuna, marlin and other big game fish.


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