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Sandra Miller

Professional Learning/Technology Facilitator




Sandra Miller is a busy person! With technology a major focus of her work, her current quest is to support California school administrators as they lead their schools into the future. Sandra served as the Director of Technology Learning in her district and knows the challenges being faced daily by districts and schools. Having been an elementary school principal for 15 years, she understands the pressures of leading a school and the lack of time available to administrators. Serving as a member of the TICAL cadre allows her to assist administrators, by guiding them to use technology to save time and energy.

Sandra currently provides professional development throughout California. Sandra also enjoys mentoring new and aspiring principals—especially showing them how technology can make their job easier. Currently she is a technology facilitator for the "Leading Edge Certification" program guiding administrators with the integration of technology into their schools.

Having begun her career right out of college, Sandra has 30 years experience in education. As a teacher, her favorite grade to teach was third grade, because the "kids are still very curious and attentive but old enough they can write and begin to really put ideas together." Mentoring new teachers as a principal and now administrators brings her many rewards.

Sandra received her doctoral degree from the University of La Verne. Her dissertation is entitled The Content of the Curriculum and Technological Delivery of Instruction.

As an educational leader, Sandra has special expertise in the areas of professional development, curriculum integration, and technology planning. She was an intern at the Xerox PARC research lab. She has been speaker at a variety of conferences including ASCD, ACSA, ACET, CUE, and NECC. She has contributed chapters and articles on future technology for elementary schools to books and journals.

Sandra's favorite professional publications are eSchool News, Wired magazine, and Technology & Learning. When she's not at work, Sandra loves to exercise, rollerblade, bicycle, bake, and spend time with grandchildren.

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