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George Lieux

George Lieux

Technology Academy and Student Assistance Specialist
Fort Smith School District


George Lieux, Director of the Technology Academy and Safe and Drug Free Schools Programs Coordinator for the Fort Smith School District, currently plans and coordinates the technology academy training sessions and the safe and drug free schools programs and trainings.


George has a BA and BS from LSU. He has done extensive graduate work from University of Arkansas, Arkansas Tech and University of Oregon. He has been in education for 29 years with 27 of those years as high school teacher (math, English, German), student council sponsor, and soccer coach.


Due to his math background, George's first experience with computers came in college learning Fortran. He used technology as a classroom teacher and participated in the development of the Technology Academy for his school district. According to George, "The potential of technology for education is limited only by the creativity of the users of technology." He has many experiences related to technology. In addition to planning, organizing and instructing the academy sessions, he is also responsible for the financial planning and budgeting of the academy. George also assists in the development of technology workshops for administrators and teachers with a focus on integrating technology in the classroom and is a Palm Educational Training Coordinator.


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