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The Forefront of Innovation, Collaboration, and 21st Century Citizenship

Our nation suffers from 19th century thinking when it comes to preparing educators for the increasingly collaborative work of teaching and learning. Many outstanding programs have been established to push education forward, but short of a few largely for-profit corporate efforts to recognize educators using digital tools effectively; there remains no consistently recognized way for these leading educators to certify themselves as 21st Century professionals.

Leading Edge Certification is that certification. Created through an alliance of nonprofits, universities and educational agencies, the certification offers four type of competency-based certifications:

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Click on any of the logos above to preview the objectives and content of that curriculum.

The educational alliance continues to update and revise the curriculum of each certification to ensure relevancy and rigor. Certification and professional development is delivered by eligible alliance members.

TICAL has been a deeply invested core alliance members since the genesis of Leading Edge Certification. With over 10 facilitators with several years of experience facilitating professional development internationally, TICAL is a premier provider in each and every certification.

What sets of standards are the Certifications aligned to?
Note: All certifications have alignment and application to the Common Core State Standards.

  • Online and Blended Teaching Certification aligned to the iNACOL Standards for Quality Online Instruction
  • Administrator Certification aligned to the ISTE Standards for Administrators
  • Digital Educator Certification aligned to the ISTE Standards for Teachers
  • Professional Learning Leader Certification aligned to ISTE Standards for Coaches

How is the Certification offered?
Each certification consists of eight modules completed in a cohort model with one to two facilitators. TICAL feels the best format for delivery is through a face-to-face one-day kick-off event with the remainder of the course being completed online in an asynchronous format with module coursework completed weekly in a Learning Management System (note: a variety of LMSs have been used). Participants earn certification after submitting a digital portfolio demonstrating content mastery. The course is usually completed after 50-70 hours of course work and 8-9 weeks timeframe. Also, a flexible, self-directed calendar is available upon request.

Can the offerings be customized to meet the needs of my staff?
Yes—you know your staff and culture the best! Let's talk and see what kind of variation might work for you and your colleagues.

What is the cost of the Certification?
The cost of each certification varies depending upon location and number of face-to-face meetings. Please contact us to obtain a quote.

Contact Thom Dunks at or 831-466-5889 for more information.

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