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Randy Kolset


Randy Kolset

Educational Technology Coordinator
Orange County Department of Education


Randy Kolset is educational technology coordinator at Orange County Department of Education where his responsibilities include professional development, providing customized training, and overseeing the development of OCOnline—OCDE's online educational programs.

Randy is about helping people and making a difference. Years ago, when he was teaching SCUBA diving, Randy "fell in love with how you could show people a whole new world through understanding concepts."

Before joining OCDE in August of 2009, Randy taught in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District for 10 years. During that time, he developed afterschool programs that were designed to help kids create effective digital video messages, provided ongoing professional development for the school and district, worked as a technology coordinator, became a Discovery Star Educator, and presented programs on emerging technologies at a county, state and national levels. He provided projects that were featured in OCDE's Student Technology Showcase in 2006 and 2008.

In order to further the development of technology throughout Orange County, Randy participated on the board of the Orange County Computer Using Educators (OCCUE) and the Leadership Council for Discovery Educators Network. Randy was recognized as an Outstanding Teacher in Technology by OCCUE in 2009.

Randy has a fond childhood memory of when his mom bought an Apple IIe for the house.

"We had to upgrade the memory to 80 MB—yes megabytes! She spent $100 dollars for this little piece of plastic that was no larger than my pinky finger nail. I remember opening up the device and finding the location of where this little piece of plastic would go. We attached it to the mother board inside of the computer and magically we could save more documents. I was 10 at the time and thought this was fantastic. Not to mention all of the games we could play and save. It became the center of academic work done in our house."

Randy believes that technology is a tool that can help teachers both increase efficiency and better engage students as the educational community begins to guide our classrooms into the 22nd century.

Randy joined the TICAL cadre in 2013.

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