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Belinda Kitrell

Belinda Kittrell

Program Manager for Distance Learning and Internet Application
Arkansas Department of Education


As Program Manager for Distance Learning and Internet Applications, Belinda is in the unique position of providing leadership and assistance for distance learning initiatives and programs for Arkansas public schools. Given the charge of designing, developing and integrating distance learning and Internet applications for K-12 education, this unit is pioneering K-12 distance education in Arkansas. With a variety of platforms, Belinda’s unit is currently working with compressed video, audio-graphics and web-based applications, delivering instruction to K-12 schools through a variety of courses such as Spanish, Calculus, English, History, Journalism and Oral Communications.


Belinda entered the field of education twelve years ago when she became a video engineer at the Arkansas Educational Television Network. She has served as Instructional Materials Developer for the GED-ONTV program and Instructional Television Producer for live events and satellite uplinks. As Technology Specialist for the Adult Education Technology Center, she helped implement a Federal TIAAP grant for three states that incorporated compressed video, desktop videoconferencing, and web site development.


Belinda not only works well behind the camera, but she does an excellent job as presenter (with or without a camera). She shares relevant information with humor and enthusiasm and has presented at national, regional, state and local conferences. She also publishes a quarterly online newsletter on educational technology.


When asked what three accomplishments in technology she is most proud of, Belinda was quick to respond: "First, I helped to successfully implement a tri-state TIAAP grant. It allowed me to learn and utilized interactive videoconferencing, desktop videoconferencing and web-based elements. Second, I helped to establish the Arkansas Department of Education Distance Learning Center that helps schools statewide to reach their mandated curriculum goals. And Finally, when I produced my first live television show; it was a call in for viewers who wished to go back to school and received their GED-ONTV."


As to her vision for the future, she says, "The potential for growth in the area of technology in Arkansas is rapidly increasing. The use of technology in the curriculum has become a state priority for all schools. I am seeing more use of distance learning to accommodate scheduling, teacher shortage, and professional development needs of the K-12 environment."


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