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Jason Borgen


Jason Borgen, M.A.
Program Director
TICAL, Santa Cruz County Office of Education

In elementary school, while using Logo on an Apple IIe to create an animated clip of a home run, Jason became a daily computer user and would never turn back. Around the same time, Jason also had his first teaching experience. He vividly remembers being asked by the teacher to assist a few of his classmates with some math problems. After these two days in elementary school, Jason knew education and computer-technology were his callings.

Jason started teaching middle school science in 2001 at the age of 22. He taught in East San Jose where many of the students never used a computer at school, let alone had one at their homes. Jason slowly started introducing technology to the students using various forms of media. He used scientific data collecting tools such as a motion detector and temperature probes to show how data can be collected and analyzed using a computer. He also taught students how to do more effective research on the web by using Boolean parameters.

During this time, Jason was asked to provide technology support for the staff. PowerSchool, a student information system, was just being introduced at the school. Jason facilitated many workshops for teachers and staff in using PowerSchool. He also trickled the benefits of this program down to the students. He showed his AVID class how to access their own grades. The “hits” to the PowerSchool website went up over 50% school-wide, which Jason claims encouraged the entire student body to become more accountable for their own learning. Ultimately, Jason became the lead site technology support at the school.

After five years of improving technology at this school, Jason moved to a middle school in Saratoga, in which all students had a computer at home. This is where Jason provided Gaggle accounts to all students. He was able to set-up chat rooms, message boards, blogs, and E-mail addresses for all students. He and the Gaggle team helped monitor the use of the accounts to assure learning was taking place beyond the classroom. The students were able to collaborate on school related items at their own homes.

Jason Borgen with black lab in riverWhile in Saratoga, Jason earned his master’s degree in Education Administration and Supervision from San Jose State University. He believes "technology and learning need to fuse together," and he is focused on promoting this fusion in the global arena. He wants to promote the effective use of technology as a learning aide to students, and also to teachers, administrators, and policy makers. To accomplish this, he says, teachers and administrators must be trained in effective use of the differing forms of technology. In his new role as Educational Technology Coordinator at TICAL, Jason intends to do just that!

When he is not spending time with students, staff, and technology Jason enjoys hiking with his two black lab mutts. He takes them to the beach to play in the water and regularly goes camping with Nesta and Quinn. Jason also enjoys playing drums and guitar with friends. He regularly gets together for jam sessions that include jazz, rock, and funk music. Lastly, Jason enjoys capturing all of these moments on film. He regularly uses his digital camera to store his memories forever!


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