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Blog: From School and District Leaders

Summer Reading: TICAL Cadre recommendations

by Michael Simkins

Book open on beach with stones holding down pages

It's not easy for school administrators to find time to read a book, but if it's ever going to happen, it's during July. Here are fourteen recommendations from members of the TICAL Cadre!

Leading Minds: An anatomy of leadership
by Howard Gardner

This book dissects the leadership approaches and skill sets of 11 amazing leaders such as Martin Luther King, Margaret Mead, Eleanor Roosevelt, and J. Robert Oppenheimer. I have not finished the book yet but so far so good as I jump around, focusing on the leaders who interest me the most. The minds of leaders and the people who follow them... a great read for outstanding leadership!
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A Visit to Harrison

by Michael Simkins


Last week's TICAL cadre retreat afforded me my second opportunity this year to visit a district and glimpse firsthand some examples of what Arkansas teachers and kids are doing with educational technology. I chose Harrison because it was in a part of the state I'd not visited before and it's home to Susan Gilley, one of our brilliant and indefatigable cadre members.

Located in the heart of the Ozarks near the Missouri border, the city of Harrison has a population of 13,000 and is the seat of Boone County. Indians were the first inhabitants of the area, the first probably being the "Bluff Dweller", who lived in caves in the bluffs along the rivers. Today, Harrison is home to Buffalo River National Park, a long, narrow park with over 100 maintained trails. Something I learned, in fact, is that there is such a thing as a "national river" and that the Buffalo was the first one!

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Technology and Visible Learning

by Phoebe Bailey

Visible Learning decorative image

Have you ever agreed to do something only to wonder later, why did they ask me? Recently I was asked to co-present on technology resources for a group of curriculum leaders. My co-presenter had great technology skills. What would I add to the mix? I decided to start with John Hattie's work on visible learning. My goal would be to share some technology resources that could be paired with influences that recorded a high effect. Here's what I found and included in my part of the presentation.
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TICALevision logo Are Online Courses Harming the Students Who Need Help the Most?
A panel of TICAL cadre members recently grappled with this question. Watch the recording.

Recognizing LiesRecognizing Lies
Get an overview of key skills we all need to evaluate the veracity of claims we read in the media or elsewhere.

Hammer, wrench and screwdriverNew TICAL Tools! Future Ready Schools Surveys for Parents and Teachers
Check out these free surveys for use by principals and site leaders developed by Rowland Baker, Geoff Belleau, and Susan Brooks-Young.

Tiny image of the infographicMost effective tools for parent communications & engagement
Check out this infographic from the Speak Up Research project.

Speak Up logoSpeak Up!
Each year, the Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning asks K-12 students, parents and educators about the role of technology for learning in and out of school. Learn how to be involved.

Susan Brooks-Young headshotStudent Data Privacy
The recording of Susan Brooks-Young's webinar "Student Data Privacy: Basics for School Administrators" is now available here in TICALervision.

Headshot Janice DelagrammatikasTICAL Cadre Member Wins Award
TICAL cadre member Janice Delagrammatikas has received the 2017 Milo P. Johnson award for distinction at the Riverside County Office of Education.

Network connectionArkansas expands high-speed web access to all students
After two years of effort, every Arkansas school will provide students with secure, high-speed broadband Internet access beginning this year under a statewide initiative that began in 2015.

Infographic: U.S. miilennials ranked dead lastThe High Cost of Low Technology Skills
Although American millennials are the first generation of digital nativesthat is, people who grew up with computers and the internet they are not very tech savvy. Report from Change the Equation.

iCanHelpline slideSocial Media Helpline
Watch this brief recored webinar to learn about iCanHelpline, the social media hotline for schools currently offered for free in California.

Bowl of soup with letters spelling High School SoupPutting Californias School Districts on the Path Toward Meaningful Digital Learning
In this guest post for the Alliance for Excellent Education's High School Soup blog, cadre members Devin Vodicka and Gabe Soumakian share why they signed the Future Ready Schools pledge.

Cover image for Blackboard playbookWhat can administrators, course designers and faculty do to retain online learners?
The drop out rate in online courses is high. Check out this playbook that provides 5 best practices for ensuring that your online students "cross the finish line."

GooruCCSS-Aligned Resources and Content Delivery!
Check out this free resource and instructional tool to assist teachers in utilizing Open Education Resources and delivering relevant content!

Learning Management SystemNeed a process in selecting a Learning Management System (LMS)?
Use this evaluation template form and/or spreadsheet developed by Oxnard Union High School District to have your curriculum team examine pros and cons of different systems.

Social Media HandbookA Social Media Handbook -- Geared for Administrators
Take a look at TICAL's short 11-page document providing an overview and effective ways to use social media in your leadership position.