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Creating and Connecting: Research and Guidelines on Online Social and Educational Networking

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) put together this 12-page study discussing social networks. NSBA highlights the positives, the gaps, the expectations and interests, and the guidance and recommendations for school board members relating to social networking.


Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

Meriwether Lewis Elementary School's web site is a model for how to build a simple yet powerful school web site using multiple blogs. There's one for the home page, one for the principal Tim Lauer, one for classroom notes, et cetera. Take a look!



This Web-based presentation tool allows you to create a presentation by uploading virtually any kind of file that has been digitized, and then adding voice or text narration. You can enhance the presentation by allowing other viewers to add their own comments. Teachers may create one account and then add multiple identities for students to use within the main teacher account. Educators may have one free account and paid subscriptions are also available.


UMPC Portal

This blog is a good place to find the latest news about Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs). Frequent updates about various new products will help keep you up-to-date on this rapidly changing field.


ACSA-PARC Intern Blog

Teams of California Administrators have had the opportunity to participate as Interns at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) for several years. PARC is world-famous for their high levels of collaboration, innovations, and technology inventions. This blog was developed to capture reflections and implications of the Intern experience. School leaders can download presentations that would be useful for personal and professional development. Check it out!


Dropping Out of School is One of the Key Social Challenges of Our Time

This pdf matrix lays out what the California Department of Education (CDE) is currently doing and planning on doing to improve dropout reduction in California. Written by the Middle & High School Improvement Office and Educational Options Office under the Secondary, Postsecondary, & Adult Leadership Division, the matrix is designed to provide you with specific programs offered by the CDE and research linking to additional information including locations on the CDE website for best practices, dropout prevention, and much more!


The Adult Literacy Education Wiki

If you are an adult educator, you will find this to be an excellent resource for connecting research to practice. This wiki is a community of practice for practitioners, researchers, and learners.


Creating Conversation Using a Principalís Blog

In this Radio TICAL episode, Jim Scoolis, principal in San Luis Coastal Unified School District and TICAL cadre member has recently started a blog at his school to help create conversation regarding homework, school policies, and other school related topics. Steve Kay, professor of educational leadership at San Jose State University speaks with Jim about his new medium of pushing his school through the 21st century. Jim shares the simple way he started and how he is trying to stimulate conversation amongst all stakeholders in his school.


SOS for SIS Wiki

Developed by staff at CTAP Region 4, this wiki provides valuable information to educators who are shopping for a new Student Information System (SIS).


Taking Control of Email

This blog has been developed by TICAL cadre member Devin Vodicka to assist school leaders to better manage email, reduce information overload, increase efficiency, and improve personal satisfaction. You will find successful best practices and some solutions used to help leaders manage email overload.


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