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Gooru is a free search engine for learning that makes it easy for teachers to discover educational content, organize it into learning playlists, and teach and share it with students to study. Resources include website, primary source documents, models, simulations, and more. The resources are aligned to Common Core State Standards.


Common Core & Ed Tech

This blog site created by educators provides practical, proven tools to engage students in technology while meeting Common Core Standards. Resources include tools, student examples, and more!


Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations

The work of the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations (QISA) is the inspiration for the implicit curriculum David Reilly discusses in his Radio TICAL interview (January 2014) on technology's role in the convergence of common core, implicit curriculum, and trans-modernist pedagogy. One of the QISA products, the My Aspirations Action Plan, is a technology based student portfolio that includes "progressive gaming" and interactive elements.


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow, the secret to happiness

In his Radio TICAL interview (January 2014), David Reilly envisions common core standards, an implicit curriculum, new "trans-modernist" pedagogy, and technology converging to engage students deeply and more meaningfully in learning than ever before. Reilly's vision brings to mind Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's seminal work on the concept of "flow." In this TED Talks video, Csikszentmihalyi explains the concept and how he came to discover it.


On the Cusp of a New Convergence

In this January 2014 episode of Radio TICAL, David Reilly describes a new convergence he already sees unfolding his his district. The key ingredients? New technology, common core standards, implicit curriculum, and a new, "trans-modern" pedagogy that puts the student center stage and casts the rest of us in supporting roles.


Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Technology Recommendations

Use this to document to assist your district in developing goals relating to innovation and technology focusing on 21st Century learning outcomes for students and other stakeholders. The document lists separate Goals, Actions, Technology Recommendations, and TICAL Resources in each of the eight priority areas. This document can assist you in developing goals that insure digital access, communication, and curricula. The TICAL Cadre assisted in these recommendations to insure relevant and thoughtful considerations for digital-age learning and Common Core implications.


Google Forms Template: SBAC/CAASPP Debrief Survey

Use these Google Form Templates developed at the San Mateo County Office of Education with support from the CISC Online Learning Collaborative Subcommittee (OLCS)as an option to access data from the relevant stakeholders including students, teachers/test administrators, and administrators. These templates can be used county/region-wide or just in a district or site. Questions relating to testing environment, preparation, and devices are all included.


9 free apps for Common Core scaffolding

Share these free apps with teachers on your staff who are looking for ways to support students at different levels as they become more familiar with teaching to the common core state standards.


Free Software for STEAM Projects | Design the Future

Autodesk’s Design the Future program empowers educators to help students develop a lifelong love for STEAM/STEM subjects with resources developed by educators, for educators. Get started today to introduce your students to the world of design and help students prepare for successful careers! Site includes curricula, software, and more aligned to CCSS, ISTE Standards, and more. Access great MakerSpace resources.



Create engaging Common Core aligned formative assessments with interactive technology-enhanced Items and thousands of high-quality questions for free! Over 28 Question-types to choose. Share your assessments with teachers and students. Great formative assessments.


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