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Video Clips to Enhance Professional Development

This wiki was designed to assist school leaders with a selection of videos that can be used for professional development for staff. It was prepared by Rowland Baker, founder of the TICAL project. This site is always growing and has video clips organized into categories such as warm ups, inspirational, and powerful messages.


TeacherTube - Teach the World

TeacherTube provides a free online social network for sharing instructional videos in an educationally-focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners. It is a site to provide anytime, anywhere professional development with educators teaching educators.


Quick Take: Social Networks

This 4-minute Quick Take was created by Susan Brooks-Young. It explores the social networking phenomenon. Susan provides some common social networks including Ning, Flickr, and TeacherTube.


Free Technology For Teachers

Richard Byrne provides highly-effective free resources for teachers daily on his blog, Free Technology for Teachers. Richard does not just list resources, he gives teachers ideas about using the resources he lists on the blog. There is something for educator. There is a link on his blog that makes it very easy to setup a service to receive daily updates on his blog posts.


Apps for Administrators

This wiki page lists apps reviewed during the mini-session called I Have an iPad. Now What? Apps for Administrators. This virtual session was presented on November 3, 2011 for attendees at the ACSA Conference in Sacramento, CA.


Beyond Apps: Creating Content Using an iPad

This wiki page includes a list of apps and other resources that were highlighted during a virtual mini-session sponsored by TICAL during an ACSA Conference in Sacramento, CA. The focus of the session was ways educators and students can use their iPads to not just consume content, but to create it as well.


Official Google Docs Blog

Stay on top of changes and improvements in Google Docs by subscribing to the official Google Docs blog. Brought to you by the developers at Google, the blog is a quick and easy read.


Promethean Planet

Prometheanís free online community (social network) is designed to provide Activclassroom teachers around the world the ability to share new and innovative lessons, access a wide variety of professional development materials, and connect with fellow Activclassroom teachers from around the Planet.


Educational Wikis

This wiki has three basic components: A list of articles describing how to use wikis in education, a comprehensive list of wikis currently being used by schools, classrooms, and districts, and a general discussion area all about using wikis in education. Since this is a wiki, you can also add your articles, wikis, and discussions.



Administrators.Net is a great social network for administrators to connect with colleagues throughout the United States. The resource is in several pick and choose parts. The mail ring posts to your email address if you choose. The discussion board posts messages and responses to topics of interest. You may merely browse or add to the discussion. An administrator's chat board is also available.


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