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Exchange Pointe International has developed an excellent set of school and classroom climate surveys for online administration and provides immediate survey results in colorful, easy-to-interpret charts and graphs. Teachers, parents, administrators, and students in grades 3 or higher can easily complete survey questions on the Web. Reports provide immediate data on customer satisfaction for use in school improvement plans and other decision making. It's possible to customize the surveys for specific needs. Exchange Pointe International also provides consulting on organizational development, accountability, and assessment issues.


Software for K-12 Education-- SAS

SAS claims to provide a "powerful and interrelated suite of solutions and services, including curriculum resources, schooling-effectiveness technologies and administrative solutions." The company's "business intelligence" products address a range of information and decision-making needs from asset management to data warehousing, analysis, and synthesis. Poway Unified School District near San Diego, California, is one district that has chosen SAS as a solution provider.


Fighting Data with Data: The educational and political benefits of disaggregated data

In this article, Jim Cox discusses how school administrators can respond to external criticism of test scores with additional data gathered at the site or within the district. Although this article was written several years ago, the principles discussed still hold true today and are worthwhile for school administrators to review and share.

The website offers test data for individual schools to enable them to use data to drive their teaching and decision-making process. As of April 2003, all clients are from California so an analysis for use by other states is not presently available. Prospective schools outside of California may want to contact the company for further information on different state standards and testing instruments.


Linking Data and Learning: The Grow Network Study

Published in 2005 by the Center for Children and Technology, this study compares New York City classrooms using Grow Network report data in their decision making with teachers who are not using the grow reports. Great insight into how teachers use and feel about assessment data, technology to analyze data, their own perceptions, and the outcomes for students.


Turning Technologies

This personal response system provides a hardware and software solution to providing teachers with instant feedback on student performance on standards. The system allows teachers to create assessment questions keyed to content standards. Students use a remote wireless device to respond to questions presented online. Results are immediate, allowing teachers to make decisions about reteaching and/or other intervention strategies for students who have not mastered the content. A wide variety of report formats are available to teachers to assist in informing instruction. The system seems easy to use and provides teachers with the advantages of program data and diagnostic data to help teachers inform instruction.



PDExpress is essentially the equivalent of a "teacher information system." Store staff data including locations, credentials, professional development plans, coaching relationships, etc. The system can be populated with professional development activities and/or courses and participation is tracked through the system as well. Teachers each have a unique log-in through the web and they can review their records. E-mail reminders for activity registrations, credential expirations, and other professional development items can be automatically configured. You will find that this is a user-friendly system to centralize your professional development organization and documentation.


Just For The Kids-California (JFTK-CA) Presentation

Locating beneficial resources to help display data can be a daunting task. TICAL cadre member Sandra Miller shares many ways this free resource for California schools can display data and provide best practices. After viewing this presentation, you will be ready to use your site's data for key decision making.


Data Visualization in Panama-Buena Vista!

Great video and white paper describing Kevin Silberberg's Data Dashboard using data to start conversations and make decisions.


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