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What are the 21st-century skills every student needs?

This blog post argues that there is a widening gap between what 21st century skills students are being taught and what they actually need to learn.


What is Personalized Learning?

iNACOL's goal is to help K-12 education become an institution that embraces student-centered, next generation learning for our students. This blog post offers a clear introduction to personalized learning and how it can be leveraged to help iNACOL achieve its goal.


20 Collaborative Learning Tips And Strategies For Teachers

Educators agree that it's important for students to engage in collaborative learning activities for a variety of reasons. However, teachers often struggle with designing effective collaborative learning lessons. This blog post offers 20 strategies administrators can share with teachers that will help them in their planning.


Leveraging technology to increase parent involvement in your schools

Educators commonly discuss leveraging technology to improve student performance. But what about leveraging technology to increase parent involvement as well? This blog post features several suggestions for reaching out and engaging parents of students of all ages.


In support of Community Partnerships in STEM

This blog post discusses the importance of engaging partners from the tech sector in STEM programs. It includes an 8-minute video presentation.


Personalized Professional Development: At the Center of Your Own Learning

Read about ways educators are using technology to personalize their own professional growth, using a variety of social media tools, ed-camps, and other strategies.


Budget and Resources: Digital Learning Framework

This blog post from the Metiri Group provides an overview of budget and resources in the context of digital learning.


What Federal Education Budget Cuts Mean for Edtech

We have a new administration and a lot of changes. What's in store for ed tech programs and professional development? This blog post from EdSurge look at some possibilities for the near future.


Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

The mission of CASEL is to make Social Emotional Learning (SEL) an integral part of K-12 education. SEL skills support students and adults.


13 Powerful SEL Activities

This blog post from edutopia offers a baker's dozen of activities teachers can employ to help students learn SEL skills.


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