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School Leaders: Guiding Teachers into the Digital Age

Leadership is important in education, particularly when it comes to digital learning. This blog posts offers a six-step model school administrators can use to become "technology masters."



Mark Anderson has developed ICTEvangelist, a place for him to record thoughts, ponderings, findings and exciting things all related to teaching and learning and technology. Mark provides a British perspective on education and technology. His blog was shortlisted in 2015 for the UK Blog Awards.



TimelineJS is an open-source tool that enables you to build visually-rich interactive timelines and is available in 40 languages. The TimelineJS Embed Generator makes it easy to add a timeline to your own site. Just copy the Google Spreadsheet template on the site, add your events as rows in the spreadsheet, and use our generator tool to generate the HTML you need to add to your site. Timeline can automatically pull in photos, videos from YouTube or Vimeo, tweets, Wikipedia entries, and many other media types to help tell your story.



This is an easy to use school and teacher website developer system that also functions as an effective learning management system. It includes a secure social media environment for teacher, students and parents to work together and communicate.


Center for Student Work

Looking for exemplary student projects? Check out this free resource that includes videos, writing samples and other work designed to provide teachers foundations to create their own projects. The searchable collection includes projects in English language arts, health and wellness, math, performing arts, science and technology, social studies, visual arts and world languages. A collaborative project between Harvard Graduate School of Education and K-12 education nonprofit Expeditionary Learning (EL).


Putting Californiaís School Districts on the Path Toward Meaningful Digital Learning

In this guest blog post, TICAL cadre members Devin Vodicka and Gabe Soumakian discuss why they, along with thousands of other superintendents across the country, have taken the Future Ready Schools Pledge and what it means for their districts' efforts to implement digital learning.



iCanHelpline is where schools and districts can call or email to get help in resolving problems that surface in social media Ė problems such as cyberbullying, sexting and reputation issues involving students, staff or anyone in the school community. Itís a free service for schools. As the first step in developing a national helpline, iCanHelpline is being piloted in California during the 2015-16 school year. Itís a joint project of California-based #iCANHELP and Net Family News Inc., national nonprofit organizations with more than a decade and a half of experience in education, student leadership and Internet safety.


How To Use Pinterest To Market Your School

This post by Eric Schneider gives the rational and step by step process to creating a school Pinterest account and using it to promote your school. Another example of putting social media to work for you.


Transforming Your School with Digital Communication

Learning to use social media can enhance your school's public image, your community connections, and your students' learning. This is a powerful transformational story of a principal who was anti-social media becoming an ardent advocate.


Learning and the Brain

Since 1999, Learning and the Brain has been bringing neuroscientists and educators together to explore new research on the brain and learning and its implications for education. This is a commercial site but check out the L&B Blog; it's a great, free resource on the topic.


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