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California Middle School Standards Matricies and Electronic Learning Resources (ELRs)

This ExcelŽ template is designed to help administrators and teachers quickly find an ELR by English-Language Arts standard as well as providing you an easy-to-view representation of the standards. The California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) has gathered several ELRs. All of these have been reviewed for effectiveness and relevance to their appropriate grade level and content standards. This template will help you integrate technology in a standards-based curriculum.


U.S.A. Learns

Need to help your parents learn English? This is a free Web site and instructional program developed primarily for immigrant adults with limited English language skills who cannot attend traditional classroom programs. It provides English Language Learners (ELL) with practice activities in listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.


We've Started, Now What? Leading Phase Two Common Core Implementation

The Common Core State Standards and associated shifts have been introduced. Now what? This archived ASCD Webinar will identify useful tools and strategies for going deeper with the standards using easily available resources for administrators and teacher leaders to use in planning, implementing, and monitoring the Common Core State Standards for English language arts/ literacy and mathematics. Web page has downloadable slides and handout packet. One-hour in length.


Center for Student Work

Looking for exemplary student projects? Check out this free resource that includes videos, writing samples and other work designed to provide teachers foundations to create their own projects. The searchable collection includes projects in English language arts, health and wellness, math, performing arts, science and technology, social studies, visual arts and world languages. A collaborative project between Harvard Graduate School of Education and K-12 education nonprofit Expeditionary Learning (EL).


EETT Spotlight: El Capitan Middle School

How do California schools use their funds from the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant? In this CDE spotlight, students in a two-year technology integration project scored significantly higher on a standardized Language Arts test.


Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence - CREDE

The Center for Research in Education, Diversity, and Excellence (CREDE) is a very helpful resource when you need to sort through research on English Learners. Tools available on the website include self-assessment rubrics, descriptors and indicators of quality, and a CD-ROM with multi-media tools for professional development for teachers of English Learners. Also of particular interest is the Research Findings area. It is conveniently organized into strands such as Professional Development for Diversity. (ELL, LEP)


Internet and Media Publishing Consent and Waiver Form

These templates in both Spanish and English can be downloaded, modified, and printed to obtain parental consent for students who publish their work and/or photos and videos online. A signed consent form allows the school or district to also publish photographs and videos of students.


Google Docs in Plain English video

Want a quick lowdown on the premise of Google Docs? Check out this short video created by the folks at Commoncraft and posted on You Tube. In just a few minutes, you'll understand and be able to explain the purpose of this application.


Orchard Reading and Math Software

Orchard language arts and math software is expensive, but gives the principal real assistance in making sure quality instruction is being given to students. It provides a solid skills based program with state specific assessment and accountability that is easy for teachers to use. Pre-tests lead to appropriate assignments to teach skills tied to the standards. Post tests measure educational gains. The management system makes it easy for teachers and principal to monitor progress. Extensive reports including those for parents make reporting easy. The web site also lists grants to help fund this program and explains how it meets the No Child Left Behind requirements.


Instructional Program Summary

This ExcelŽ template is designed to help administrators determine the instructional hours being spent in each content area. This template will also graph the data so you can see how content areas (Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies) are prioritized by your teachers.


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