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Quick Takes: Tablet Devices in Education

In this Quick Take Susan Brooks-Young provides an overview of tablet devices (such as iPads and Android) that enable users to listen to audio files, watch videos, access the Internet, and use a variety of educational applications. Tablets are key in learning with mobile devices.


Apple in Education - Education Profiles

This link takes you to an area of Apple's Education Profiles that explores a variety of ways the iPod Touch can be used in classrooms to enhance or extend student learning.


The iPod Touch Classroom

This is an online network for educators around the world who use the iPod Touch in classrooms.


Katy ISD Mobile Learning

This resource is provided to parents to support Katy ISD's mobile learning initiative. This public relations tools is to share the great things the district is doing in mobile learning.


Leadership for Mobile Learning - A Guide for Administrators

This resource, a supplement to CoSN's Leadership for Mobile Learning initiative, provides school leaders with best practices, implementations, reserach, resources, and more all relating to mobile learning.


Leadership for Mobile Learning

A CoSN leadership initiative, Leadership for Mobile Learning (LML), will address the capacity of district leadership to overcome the barriers and develop, plan, implement and manage policies to effectively use mobile devices for the improvement of teaching and learning.


Quick Take: Apple's iPod Touch in Education

In this 6-minute narrated presentation Susan Brooks-Young provides an overview of the iPod Touch and how it can be used in and out of the classroom for learning and management purposes.


Using iPods to Turn Students On To Reading (Part 1 of 2)

The eCAP program at El Crystal Elementary School in the San Bruno Park School District is a unique take home audiobook program where 40 targeted students use iPods to listen to and read from several different literature books. In this TICALevision episode principal Skip Johnson and several teachers and students share the program and explain how the program has increased student achievement and motivation to read. Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn how to set up a program like this in your school or district!


iPoddy Training on Flip Out Friday's

In this condensed presentation from the TICAL Conference, you are introduced to Kindergarten students who are actively involved in the creation and production of podcasts. Come learn how they utilize the flip camera, 3 iPods and one Mac computer to transform the classroom into a digital-age learning environment.


Aspirnaut Initiative

An 'Aspirnaut' is a student who aspires, seeks, and achieves. This three-year program targets students in rural Arkansas who now face daily lengthy bus rides due to school district consolidation. Rather than allow these students to sit idly during their commute to and from school, these aspirnauts now know that school begins the moment they board their Internet-connected bus where they use laptops and iPods to study. Learn more by visiting the site.


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