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iCanHelpline - Social media helpline for schools

iCanHelpline is a free (as of October 28, 2015) service where schools and districts can call or email to get help in resolving problems that surface in social media – problems such as cyberbullying, sexting and reputation issues involving students, staff or anyone in the school community. In this brief webinar, Anne Collier, founder, and Matt Soeth, helpline manager, share how the service works and how your school or district can take advantage of it.


PBS TeacherLine

Public Broadcasting System (PBS) TeacherLine is considered an excellent website resource for PreK-12 educators who are seeking to advance their careers or enhance their skills with standards and research-based graduate level courses in a flexible schedule. Educators can join the organization for free. This website also supports districts by offering options to enhance districts’ professional development offerings. More specifically, PBS TeacherLine offers high quality online professional development opportunities for educators covering the core subjects (Math, Reading and Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and History) and Instructional Strategies, Instructional Technology, and STEM. PBS TeacherLine has been recognized for its excellence by organizations such as the United States Distance Learning Association, National Educational Association, and the Software and Information Industry Association.


Innovation Day Blog

Geoff Belleau shares his thoughts and reflection on the first Innovation Day at Crystal Middle School including videos and links to resources.


Common Core & Ed Tech

This blog site created by educators provides practical, proven tools to engage students in technology while meeting Common Core Standards. Resources include tools, student examples, and more!


Bill Gates's School Panopticon

In his Radio TICAL interview (January 2014), David Reilly refers to a “trans-modernist” pedagogy based on “flipping” the panopticon paradigm--Jeremy Bentham's concept that was popularized by Michael Foucault in the late 20th-century. In this first of a two-part post in his Education Week blog Reality Check, Walt Gardner sees a striking resemblance between the panopticon and Bill Gate’s dream of training a video camera on every teacher.


How to Create Social Media Guidelines for your School

Many schools and districts are developing separate guidelines for students' and teachers' use of social media as it relates to schools. This 3-page guide from Edutopia provides an overview of why it's important to take the time to focus specifically on social media use.

Sokikom is an online program that uses positive reinforcement, social learning, and personalization to help solve the problems of differentiation and student engagement. Sign up is free, but various services are fee-based.


What Role Does Social Media Have in Education?

Compass Learning recently asked 30 educators at the Texas ASCD conference in Dallas: What role—if any—does social media (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc.) play in your classroom or district? This brief video is a great springboard for staff discussions about the role of social media at your site.


Four Strategies For Beginning A Virtual PLC

Thinking about starting your own personal learning community (PLC)? In this October 2014 blog post, ASCD emerging leader Kenny McKee shares four strategies to help you get going.


5 visionary lessons from beyond the world of ed tech

Elements of a shared vision for instructional technology integration may include new ideas we can glean from the cutting edge of other fields. Read this blog post to see if an idea from one of these thought leaders sparks your interest.


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