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Future Ready Schools

Future Ready is a free, new effort to maximize digital learning opportunities and help school districts move quickly toward preparing students for success in college, a career, and citizenship. The effort provides districts with resources and support to ensure that local technology and digital learning plans align with instructional best practices, are implemented by highly trained teachers, and lead to personalized learning experiences for all students, particularly those from traditionally under-served communities.


Future Ready Superintendents Technical Working Group

On May 28th, 2014, the U.S. Department of Education welcomed district superintendents and digital leadership from around the country to a Technical Working Group. This first of its kind event was crucial to the departmentís efforts to engage the community of Future Ready educators and learn how to better support districts in their transition to digital learning. This YouTube playlist includes eight short videos that capture aspects of the discussion.


Putting Californiaís School Districts on the Path Toward Meaningful Digital Learning

In this guest blog post, TICAL cadre members Devin Vodicka and Gabe Soumakian discuss why they, along with thousands of other superintendents across the country, have taken the Future Ready Schools Pledge and what it means for their districts' efforts to implement digital learning.


Building Your Roadmap for 21st Century Learning Environments

The roadmap is a flexible planning tool that can help you chart a strategic path for transforming your schools to meet the demands of today's students and their futures. This free resource was created by Cable Impacts Foundation, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, and the State Educational Technology Directors Association, with advice from dozens of experts and practitioners. Anyone interested in the Future Ready Schools project will want to be familiar with the roadmap as well.


Digital Chalkboard

Digital Chalkboard is an online community of California public school and district educators. California educators collaborate through group participation and discussions, upload educational classroom and administrative resources that help other educators access what works best in California schools and districts. As of the summer of 2014, over 70,000 educational resources have been contributed to the resource libraries. Both featured content providers from select non-profit organizations and approximately 19,000 California educators continue to contribute resources and collaborate. With the launch of the new site, over 300,000 additional digital resources have been added through a link to the national Learning Registry. California districts interested in the Future Ready Schools effort will want to be aware of this important resource.


Gabe Soumakian Talks about Future Ready Schools

In this episode of Radio TICAL, cadre member Gabe Soumakian, Superintendent of Oxnard Union High School District, gives a quick introduction to Future Ready Schools, shares some of the ways his district is working to become future ready, and offers a few words of advice to other educators who may want to take the Future Ready Pledge.


National Education Technology Plan

The National Education Technology Plan is the flagship educational technology policy document for the United States. The 2016 Plan, Future Ready Learning: Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education, articulates a vision of equity, active use, and collaborative leadership to make everywhere, all-the-time learning possible. While acknowledging the continuing need to provide greater equity of access to technology itself, the plan goes further to call upon all involved in American education to ensure equity of access to transformational learning experiences enabled by technology.


Quick takes tutorials: 2016 National Education Technology Plan (NETP)

In this 9-minute "quick takes" presentation, Susan Brooks-Young walks you through "Future Ready Learning," the 2016 National Education Technology Plan (NETP). Susan supplies context and a description of how the 2016 plan contrasts with earlier versions.


Quick takes tutorials: Future Ready?

In this 6-minute "quick takes" presentation, Susan Brooks-Young provides an executive summary and introduction to the Future Ready Schools framework and process.


Future Ready Schools Surveys for Parents and Teachers

Use these survey templates to collect data from relevant stakeholders including parents and teachers. These templates are designed to be used by individual school sites. You can view the results by opening the linked spreadsheet, clicking on the Form menu and selecting 'Show summary of responses.' The data can be used to assist your site in determining your level of readiness to become a Future Ready School.


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