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Empowered Digital Citizens Guide for Educators

Based on the premise that "life inside school should resemble life outside of school, this four-panel infographic summarizes steps to take to ensure students understand how to use digital resources responsibly and effectively for college, career, and citizenship success. Particularly useful are the hyperlinked resources in each area. Good for sharing in any discussion of digital literacy.


Digital Literacy Pathways in California

Prepared in 2010 at the request of then Governor Schwartzenegger, this action plan defines digital literacy and takes a comprehensive look at what must be done to ensure Californians can "use new technologies to address perplexing challenges, build intercultural and global understandings, and create innovative and novel ways of learning, communicating, and working." Useful to give context to current efforts.


U.S. Digital Literacy Portal

The Digital Literacy portal is a collaborative initiative of several federal departments with the goal to serve as a valuable resource to practitioners who are delivering digital literacy training and services in their communities. It includes a wide range of resources for educators at all levels.


Digital Literacy Framework

The Teaching Tolerance Digital Literacy Framework offers seven key areas in which students need support developing digital and civic literacy skills. The numbered items in each box below represent the overarching knowledge and skills that make up the framework. The bullets represent more granular examples of student behaviors to help educators evaluate mastery.


14 Resources to Bookmark for Digital Literacy

This 2016 blog post from the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education provides just what it says: links to some key resources on digital literacy that include overviews, curriculum materials and assessment tools.


Digital Literacy Strategic Brief

Prepared in 2016 by the NMC Horizon Project for Adobe Systems, this publication gives a broad overview of digital literacy with particular focus on higher education.


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