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Electronic Learning Assessment Resources (ELAR)

Looking for a product to help you make a data-driven decision? There are many products on the market to help districts utilize student assessment data in sound decision making. Which one will help a district become an effective data-driven organization? California's CLRN project is charged with reviewing such products against a set of criteria that TICAL cadre members helped to develop. In this area of the CLRN website you’ll find the reviews as well as the criteria which you may want to use as you shop for your own ELAR.


Chugach School District

Chugach School District, Alaska, was the smallest organization to ever win a Baldrige Award. This small Alaskan school district transformed itself from failing to thriving with data-driven decision making, and individualized instruction. Their site contains many lessons learned and resources.


Waterford Institute

This organization provides research, curriculum, and software to assist students in learning to read. Assessment are also provided to assist your school or district in making data-driven decisions.



Formerly called Just for The Kids, this is a great free tool for administrators to view school and district achievement data. This site is great for principals and can be used with teachers to show grade level results. District office leaders can easily see which schools need improvement in specific areas. You can see a comparison with the top 10 schools with your same demographics, and they will be ones close enough to visit. Charts are colorful to assist your entire staff in data-driven decision making. There is also a tab that indicates NCLB compliance.


Quick Takes: Google Forms

This Quick Take shows you how to use Google Forms, a subset of Google Docs, to gather survey data for your data-driven decisions. You will learn how to create your own Google Form and distribute an unlimited amount for free!

This company provides services and product solutions for schools, districts, and related agencies in the areas of assessment and technology use planning and implementation. One of their products, INFORM, is an Internet-based software suite that assists in the assessment of students by effectively managing data and instructional practices to achieve continuous improvement. As of 2008, Kyrene School District was using EDmin tools to facilitate data-driven decision making by principals, teachers and district leaders.


Data Management and Analysis -- SuperTECH News May 2007

The May 2007 issue of the BLE Group SuperTECH News focuses on Data Management and Analysis tools. The newsletter defines three levels of data solutions and analysis sophistication with a summary of current trends. The products and solutions review covers: Excelsior Software, 3H Technology, Edusoft, Achieve! Data Solutions, Cal Data,, SchoolNet, Oracle, Cognos, eScholar, TetraData, and SAS Institute. A profile of Lake Washington School District highlights the hard work required to get good, clean data into the system and the readiness of teachers and administrators. Excellent item for your data-driven decision making reading list!


A Data-Driven Organization's Approach to Assessing The Quality of Program Delivery

Jim Cox explains the difference between outcome and process data and explains how process information can be used to examine program delivery.


How A Data-Driven Organization Deals With Aligning Assessment Measures to Local Standards (One of the greatest barriers to becoming a proactive Data-Driven Organization)

In this article Jim Cox explains how to determine whether or not an assessment tool and the curriculum being taught are actually aligned.


Data-Driven Organizations: What Do They Look Like?

Jim Cox shares his vision of what constitutes a data-driven organization. He takes the reader beyond standardized test scores and the importance of causal information. Although this article was written several years ago, the information presented still holds true today.


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