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Vicarious Learning: Developing Cultural Literacy Through Global Collaboration

In this Radio TICAL episode, Vicki Davis, the IT Director and technology teacher at Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA and a national speaker talks with Rowland Baker about several global collaborative projects she helped create (Flat Classroom Project, NetGen Project, Digiteen Project, and Eracism Project) how these have assisted students in developing cultural literacy and 21st century skills.


Partnership for 21st Century Skills

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills seeks to define and incorporate into learning the skills that are necessary for every student's success in the 21st Century. Be sure to take a look at the Partnership's report, Learning for the 21st Century. It clearly outlines six key elements of 21st century learning as well as suggested next steps for leaders at various levels from principals to state policy makers.


Mouse Squad

MOUSE Squad of California (MSCA) Student Tech provides youth access to technology education and training necessary to be successful in today's information society while assisting schools to realize a vision for 21st century teaching and learning. MSCA Student Tech enables students to learn information technology (IT), customer service, communication and leadership skills while providing a service to their schools. A student-run IT support help desk is set up where students put into practice what they have learned. It can be an after-school program or an in-school elective.


School Leader Development: Building 21st Century Schools

As part of Microsoft's Partners in Learning Program, this CD is a workshop treasure. Use this material with boards of education, groups of administrators, business officials and even students! You are actively involved in writing reflections on the material which builds a workable plan in the end. The goal? To help school leaders prepare our students for the world that has changed. Our students have changed, our world has changed. Have our schools changed? Participants are exposed to educational experts who speak on change, vision, curriculum, leadership, 21st century skills, and more. For a preview, contact Kevin Silberberg.


Center for Children & Technology

The Center for Children & Technology focuses on investigating "the roles that technology can play in improving teaching and learning in classrooms, schools and communities." They "design and develop technology applications that support engaged, active learning and student-centered teaching practices." You'll find an easy to browse site where you can access a variety of projects and publications, as well as references by topics, such as 21st Century Skills, Math, Literacy, etc. Lots of very nice research references, plus information on upcoming events and really helpful information on the effective use of technology in instruction. Check it out!


What Can You Learn From A Cell Phone? Almost Anything!

Can cell phones be used as learning tools to help students gain 21st century skills? Marc Prensky highlights many uses for the classroom including voice, Short Messaging Service (SMS or text messaging), graphic displays, downloadable programs, Internet browsing, cameras, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and video clips.


Assessment Landscape Report

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has put together two great resources relating to assessment. The first is The Assessment of 21st Century Skills: The Current Landscape (June 2005), a comprehensive resource for policy, education, and business leaders. The second resource, Assess 21, is a database that provides a growing collection of practical assessments and information related to assessing 21st century skills and learning.


Empowering the 21st Century Superintendent

Launched by the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN), this initiative is dedicated to helping superintendents, aspiring superintendents and district leadership teams build their knowledge, skills and confidence as effective technology leaders. This initiative is organized in five themes and action steps for technology leadership: Strengthen District Leadership and Communications, Raise the Bar with 21st Century Skills, Transform Pedagogy with Compelling Learning Environments, Support Professional Development and Communities of Practice, and Create Balanced Assessments. The Web site include resources, best practices,action steps for each theme, and much more!


Learning for Life in Our Times

In this episode of Radio TICAL, Michael Simkins interviews Bernie Trilling about some of the key ideas in his book, 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times


Implementing a Learning Management System (LMS): Culture of Collaboration to Meet College and Career Readiness

Leading Digitally Admin 2.0 webinar, by Dr. Gabe Soumakian, Puneet Sharma, and Jane Mintz. The Oxnard Union HSD is gearing up to implement a new LMS system and will share the process for selection, implementation, and rolling out with the teachers and staff to ensure that students are using 21st Century skills.


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