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Marianne Hauser

Marianne Hauser

Director, Professional Development & Career Education
Fayetteville Public Schools


As Coordinator of "Tech PD" Marianne works with district personnel to ensure professional development opportunities related to technology operations and classroom integration are available for district teachers. She also provides district wide technology training. She received a BSED from University of Arkansas, an MSEd from Lesley College in Cambridge, and an MA specializing in Computer Education.

Marianne entered education while she was working on pre-med studies at the UofA because "all those education majors were simply having more fun!" She had a struggle transferring her scholarship to education but got it done. But for brief stints in the business world, she's been in education ever since.

While teaching PE in the heat of Saudi Arabia, Marianne got her priorities straight. She now knew what she wanted: an indoor—read "air-conditioned"—classroom. Two interviews and an application later, she was enrolled in a masterís degree program in instructional technology which let her change her teaching assignment. No more ten hour days in the sun!

Marianne brings together an enthusiasm for technology and passion for education. She takes to heart the philosophy that TECHNOLOGY IS COOL, TEACHERS ARE COOLER and makes TechPD fun while taking structure and content of each session seriously at the same time.

Among Marianne's accomplishments:

  • Brought intranet technology to a school system years before staff was able to envision such a project
  • Authored a district-wide technology-integrated curriculum for district adoption prior to the ISTE standards release
  • Authored a set of lesson plans for K-5 teachers nearly six years ago that many teachers still use today (How? She sat in classrooms to see how elementary teachers delivered specific curriculum and then created lessons to replace those lessons; the plans were marketed to teachers as an ďinstead of," rather than "in addition to," approach.

Marianne has presented internationally with the NearEast/SouthEast Asia Teacherís Conference and the European Council of Schools Teacherís Conferences for the past two dozen years in such exotic locales as Istanbul, Cairo, New Delhi, Nairobi, Frankfurt and Bangkok.

Her favorite technology resource is the "From Now On" web site by Jamie McKenzie. She enjoys Yoga, hiking, tennis, and scuba diving. Marianne is really a "home town girl" gone off to see the world, but is happy to be back in Northwest Arkansas to settle down.


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