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Neal Gibson

Neal Gibson

Project Manager
Arkansas Department of Education


Neal Gibson is well-versed in educational technology. He has been a teacher and Technology Coordinator for the Yellville-Summit School District. He has facilitated EAST Lab, Cisco Networking, Oracle Database Modeling & SQL, and Java Programming. In addition, he has been the Director of Arkansas Learning Management System.


Before Neal started his career in education he served five years in the U. S. Navy and traveled the world. His favorite tour of duty was Japan. The tour of duty helped him decide on his career in education. He graduated from the University of Arkansas majoring in history and social studies.


Neal’s career in education began in Greenbrier as a history teacher. He then taught history at the Arkansas School for Mathematics and Sciences and did fellowships with the New Media Classroom and the Library of Congress. While at ASMS, he accidentally fell into computers and networking (don’t we all seem to “fall” into technology?), and he has been stuck there ever since. He secretly dreams of returning to the life of a history teacher, but for now his main existence is bringing people and data together.


Neal returned to his home town of Yellville, Arkansas, as Technology Coordinator and has built an amazing career that brings together his love of teaching, project based learning, and technology.


Neal started a project with his EAST classes—the Arkansas Learning Management System—that is now in schools across Arkansas and has been picked up as a pilot project in Oklahoma. The project provides schools across with on-line assessment and curriculum materials designed to match local school and state curriculum frameworks. The project is open to any school.


At the center of Neal’s life is his wife Jann, daughter Rainey, son Caleb, and a bunch of cows, which Neal quips "Are sort of like kids, but never ask for the car keys."


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