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TICAL Frequently Asked Questions

What does TICAL mean?

TICAL is an acronym for Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership.

How is the TICAL project funded?

TICAL is publicly supported. The project was created by the Education Technology Office of the California Department of Education with the Santa Cruz County Office of Education acting as the Local Education Agency (LEA). Funding for TICAL Arkansas comes from the Arkansas Department of Education.

Who is in charge of the TICAL project?

TICAL's home is the Santa Cruz County (CA) Office of Education. Rowland Baker is the Director.

What is the function of the TICAL Advisory Board?

The TICAL Advisory Board meets on a quarterly basis to provide feedback and guidance for the TICAL project.

What is the role of the TICAL Cadre?

The TICAL Cadre is composed of carefully selected administrators who represent different geographic regions of their state. Their role is to provide feedback and guidance, identify and review resources, implement regional trainings, and help promote the TICAL portal throughout their districts and regions.

What are the component areas of the TICAL project?

The original six major component areas of the TICAL project are data-driven decision making, technology planning, financial planning, curriculum integration, professional development, and operations and maintenance. TICAL resources are also categorized according to the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators ( NETS-A).

What are the resource types?

Resources are keyed according to the following five types: publications, models/examples, people/organizations, software/hardware, and vendors.

What is the function of the Matrices?

The matrices provide an easy-to-use, visual approach to locating resources. Administrative users can use the matrices to search for resources related to each of the six major components cross-referenced with any of the five resource types.

How can I network and learn from the cadre members and other educational leaders?

Administrator 2.0 is the TICAL Community, an online professional learning community for school leaders to gain insights, ideas, and resources from each other. Members regularly attend online events through the Leading Digitally, Administrator 2.0 Webinar Series.

How can I give input about your web site?

A simple feedback form is available on the site. We hope you'll use it to let us know what you like about the site, what problems you may find, and what suggestions you have for improvements.