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Thom Dunks

Thom Dunks

Thom Dunks became interested in technology when he trained in broadcast communications in college where he specialized in film and television. After college he taught at both the elementary and middle school levels.


Thom has been an elementary principal at three schools in the Soquel district during the past 20 years.


His interest in technology began with video in college and he has provided local leadership with all platforms in educational technology. As district technology coordinator he oversaw the writing of the technology action plan for the district.


He is currently the Santa Cruz County representative for the CTAP Advisory Committee. Thom has overseen the writing of technology action plans, opened a new school, where he designed the technology infra-structure, forged business partnerships, pulled cable, organized Net Day activities, and secured resources through successful fundraising activities including grant writing.


As the technology leader at his site, part of his responsibilities include regular maintenance and support of site technology. Thom provides professional development locally, having done training for students, teachers and administrators in technology including video editing and production. His school utilizes local origination closed circuit productions to support classroom instruction.


Thom relies on publications like Kappan, Educational Leadership, eSchool News, and Videomaker Magazine to keep current on educational issues. His favorite web resources include web organizers like and In his spare time Thom enjoys hiking, camping, and is a musician.


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