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Janice Delagrammatikas

Principal, Come Back Kids Charter School
Riverside County Office of Education

Janice Delagrammatikas

While a graduate assistant at UC Riverside, Janice began working as a substitute teacher in a continuation high school. "I found it to be the most rewarding and fun thing I had ever done," says Janice. "I felt like I really had the power to make a huge difference in the lives of my students."

That experience launched Janice on her career in alternative education, where she's worked for over 23 years—18 of those in the classroom with court, community, and Cal-SAFE schools. Today, as principal of Come Back Kids Charter School, Janice's responsibilities include site supervision, technology and common core implementation, professional development, accreditation, and curriculum planning.

What was Janice's first experience with computers? In 1980, just out of high school, she took a computer programming class in college. It didn't go well. "I ended up dropping the class and vowed never to touch another computer!" Yet five years later she found herself in college again and spent her tax return to buy an Apple IIE. "I wrote my first paper on it late one night," she recalls, "and while trying to print or save it, I lost the paper three times. I had no idea what I was doing!" Despite that second frustrating experience, she eventually figured it out, and by the time she graduated, she was running the computer lab in the social science department.

Janice sees endless potential for technology in education. She's adamant that "teaching students and teachers to use technology to support learning is essential if students are going to be prepared for their futures."

Janice loves the outdoors and spends free time horseback riding, kayaking, hiking and "anything else that sounds fun." She has two cats and would gladly have a lot of animals—if only her husband would agree. Every other year, she spends a month in Apika, a village in Andros Greece. She is intent that someday, she will live there part time every year, but, she admits, "I need to learn to speak Greek much better. Rosetta Stone here I come!"

Janice joined the TICAL cadre in 2013.

Janice Delagrammatikas
Janice loves her grandchildren!

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