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Susan Cromwell

Susan C. Norton

Director, District Technology Programs
Fayetteville Public Schools


Susan C. Norton joined the public school system in 2001, after a career in Information Technology management and support which included seventeen years experience with the University of Arkansas. In 1997, Susan had the opportunity to establish a new state office that had been enacted by the Arkansas Information Systems Act, the State of Arkansas Office of Information Technology, which also included the establishment of the Arkansas Geographic Information Office. In her current position, Susan is responsible for supervision of the Fayetteville School District Technology Department staff and the operation of the district's network systems across 15 different schools.

Susan's career in education began when she was a Graduate Assistant in the University of Arkansas' English Department where she taught freshman sentence structure and composition. Her first experience with computers was also at the university where she provided support and instruction for administrators, researchers, teachers and students.

As a member of EduCom during the 1980s and 1990s, Susan worked with a national group to design interactive instructional software, particularly in the area of physics. She also established a multimedia resource center to provide support for faculty development of interactive instructional courseware. Susan designed the program for technology planning for all state agencies and government entities. She also developed the state's strategic plan defining policy and standards, planning templates and budget processes, and advanced legislation to guide technology policy.

Susan's major accomplishments include: propagation of the higher education Internet, ARKNET; participation in National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council; and Chair of Arkansas State LAND Information Board and establishment of GeoStor for sharing spatial data.

Her only misgiving about technology is that she will lose all ability to have discernable penmanship! Her favorite project right now is the development of a new television broadcast facility the district will use to create online professional development and other communication pieces for parents, students, and teachers.

Susan likes to garden. She reads detective mystery fiction, as least when her book club isn't making her read Oprah best sellers and classical works. She has two young adult children, John and Shannon, a chef and a student, respectively, and one house-trained black cat, Bell.

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