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Caroline Paxton


Carolyn P. Paxton, M.A.

Director of Education Services
Sausalito Marin City School District


Since retiring from a full-time career in school administration in 2000, Carolyn Paxton has been working with school districts and private foundations on planning, evaluation and staff training in technology. Additionally, she has been developing and evaluating curriculum and creating and managing pilot programs for project-based activities in economics, mathematics and design.


Carolyn always wanted to teach and decided that high school students were the most intriguing age group. After leaving teaching for a few years to be a mother, the only job opening in her area was in administration—something she had never considered. After finishing the job application (and one for the administrative credential), she realized that this was the career that most matched her skills and interests. Now she could work with teams to develop curriculum, improve programs school-wide and really reach out to the most at-risk students. The next 14 years were the most challenging, rewarding (and stressful) of her life; she loved every minute!


When Carolyn retired, she was determined to pursue two key interests: technology and project-based learning. She began to work with Sausalito Marin City School District, a small K-8 district, on staff development, the implementation of a strong reading program, and a technology program with a focus on curriculum integration. The work paid off; the first year’s API improvement was 106 points! In technology, staff training first centered on basic skills. Before two years were up, curriculum integration became the focus—and Carolyn was back in the administrator’s saddle as the district’s part-time Director of Education Services.


In April 2002, Carolyn presented to the California Achieving Schools Conference on a district standards-based report card that was individually developed and word-processed by each grade level teacher. For the Buck Institute for Education, Carolyn co-wrote "Idaho State Technology Plans: An Evaluation" and also evaluated the state’s Project-Based Learning and Problem-Based Economics handbooks and programs. She went on to develop the curriculum for “Building in Marin,” a sixth grade project-based design activity for the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco. For the Haas Business School at University of California at Berkeley, she consults on Urban Plan, a project-based economics activity.


Carolyn loves to read, cook and travel. Since "retiring," she and her husband have been fortunate to travel to Asia and Europe several times.


Carolyn has been a member of the TICAL leadership cadre since 2002.


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