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Teresa Chance

Teresa Chance

Teaching/Learning Specialist
Arkansas Public School Resource Center


Always a go-getter, Teresa began her teaching career at the age of nineteen after completing her BSE in three years. She received her MSE from Centenary College. In twelve years, she taught every grade from Kindergarten through-8th, including special education and gifted classes. This experience was gained in Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. During that time she completed an additional forty-five graduate hours, earning several additional certifications. Over the years she has been an adjunct professor at Arkansas Tech University and Arkansas State University, teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses.

Educational leadership is Teresa's passion. Teresa has been the principal and instructional leader of both an elementary and middle school. Under her leadership, the middle school won the first Shannon Wright Outstanding Arkansas Middle School Award. One year after the school received this prestigious award, Teresa moved to a district position as the Director of Curriculum & Instruction. During her eight years in that position, she was recognized as the Arkansas Curriculum Administrator of the Year.

Teresa has always been interested in the ability of technology to enhance instruction. Her first experience with computers was personally purchasing three TI-80's for her classroom in 1982 and then an Apple IIC! How far she has progressed – web development, wikis, blogs, and podcasts! Teresa knows that public education must embrace technology to engage and prepare learners. "As an educational dreamer, I see all children being able to reach their full potential when aided (and motivated) by technology." Not only has she taken every available opportunity to hone her own skills with technological advances, but she has been instrumental in providing opportunities for classroom teachers to have the training and tools they need. A visionary, Teresa is constantly seeking ways to help students “learn to learn” so they are prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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