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Cindi Britton

Cindi Britton


Cindi Britton is Principal at Magnolia Elementary School in Cajon Valley Union School District, which is located in east San Diego County. Cindi led her current school successfully through the grueling application process to be recognized in May 2000 as a California Distinguished School. One of the highlights of the application was a family reading night series called "Camp Magnolia" that was unique in that not only did students and parents read together on the grass by flashlight under the stars, but also students went next to the computer lab to take an Accelerated Reader comprehension test. Parents looked over their shoulders and provided immediate positive feedback with a congratulatory hug at 7:00 P.M.! Parents saw first hand technology in action and what their fund-raising dollars benefitted.


Cindi has also served as principal of two other schools. During her first principalship she provided the vision and support for the creation of a closed circuit on-site television station. She assisted two teachers in realizing their dream by writing grants and searching for funding support for the vision of the closed circuit system. A boiler room was converted and an area on the stage was created, as the dream became a reality. Broadcasts are made on a regular basis by students, teachers and the principal. The school TV station has also been used in times of emergency to convey important information to the students and staff.


In 1994 she was principal of a technology modernization pilot site. The school was equipped with a school wide networking of classroom and lab computers. She knows what it means to be on the "cutting" edge. It was quite an experience trying to keep up with understanding even the vocabulary used by the electronic technicians. There seemed to be no quick reference at the time to understand such terms as hub, server, or hard wiring versus soft wiring.


Prior to being a principal, Cindi served as a vice-principal for three years and a teacher in grades K-8 for thirteen years. She has a B.A. from San Diego State University, a Masters from United States International University, and is in the third year of the doctoral program in Educational Leadership at the University of La Verne.


Cindi believes that the primary purpose of a leader is to collaboratively create a vision, work with staff, empower teachers to implement their dreams, and to celebrate their successes.


She believes in "working smart" and that knowing the tools of technology is a way to increase efficiency and effectiveness and therefore is a supporter and ambassador for TICAL—Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership.


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